The Conquest Electronic Chalkboard 3

The world's most popular dartscorer, Conquest Electronic Chalkboard, is the obvious choice for professional dart scoring, boasting the ability to display the last five entries, six totals and legs for both home and away. This dartscorer has become the industry standard, trusted and relied on by thousands of venues and professionals around the world for almost thirty years - do not settle for anything less!

With its fully dart-proof metal case, the Electronic Chalkboard 3 is the most robust and resilient dart scorer on the market. This combined with the highest quality keypads and bright, easy to read displays makes the Conquest Electronic Chalkboard the favourite choice amongst pubs, clubs and professionals alike.

Main features

  • Bright easy to-read displays
  • Tough dart-resistant metal case
  • 5 previous scores displayed
  • Scrolls back through previous scores
  • Errors can be corrected at any point
  • Dims: 400mm x 300mm x 48mm
  • Easily installed
  • Simple to use
  • 6 previous totals displayed
  • Accepts games up to 1001
  • Automatic record of legs won
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Conquest Electronic Chalkboard 3 Dart Scorer

£365.00 + VAT (= £438.00)

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