The Conquest Leaguemaster 3

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Conquest Leaguemaster 3 Dart Scorer

The features that make the Conquest Leaguemaster the benchmark dartscorer for professional use include its league approved design that displays the running score, last entry and the legs. It's an ideal scorer for tournaments and leagues alike combining ease of use with large, clear displays for both players and spectators.

Like its bigger brother, the Conquest Electronic Chalkboard, the Leaguemaster boasts a dart-proof metal case and high quality, robust keypads so you can be assured of many years of trouble free operation. A must have for pubs, clubs and professionals alike, second only to the Conquest Electronic Chalkboard.

Main features

  • Bright easy to-read displays
  • Tough dart-resistant metal case
  • Recall facility
  • Accepts games up to 1001
  • Easily installed
  • Simple to use
  • Automatic record of legs won
  • Dims: 330mm x 250mm x 48mm

£245.00 + VAT (= £294.00)

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