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British Heritage

Conquest dartscorers have been in constant production in the UK since 1979 - over 30 years! The original award winning designs were created by Phil Vigor who still owns the family-run business today.

So what is it that makes these British-built scorers so popular and different to all of the others? Conquest were one of the first companies to manufacture dart scorers in the UK and, since the very first models, the company has strived to insure that each and every dartscorer that leaves its workshops is of the highest quality and in tip-top, reliable condition.


Originally made with wooden cases, both the Conquest Electronic Chalkboard and Leaguemaster have been subject to constant improvement and development. The newest models boast full dart-proof metal cases so they can endure the punishing environment of pubs and clubs - something you will struggle to find with cheap, plastic imitations. New to the range, the Conquest Home League scorer also shares this feature.

Durable Design & Superior Build Quality

Though the new models look quite different from the early pioneers, they continue to employ the same easy-to-use electronics that have become the benchmark within the industry.

Both the Leaguemaster and Electronic Chalkboard also benefit from sturdy, robust keypads which are proven to endure many years of heavy use in professional venues. We regularly hear reports of trouble-free use from Conquest scorers purchased over 15 years ago from satisfied publicans. Beware; this level of reliability and value is something you rarely find with cheap, Chinese-made alternatives. We've also used proper switches instead of cheap 'membrane' type switches in our new Home League scorers to ensure that they last a long time.

Big, Clear Displays

Conquest dartscorers feature easy-to-read, big and bright LED displays which are clear even in well lit venues. These, as with all of the components selected to make our scorers, are of the highest quality to ensure many years of reliable service.

World-Class Service

Every Conquest dartscorer comes with a lifetime of friendly service support - we're always at the end of the phone if you need help. Every order we receive is also processed on the same day and can be shipped to a UK address overnight FREE OF CHARGE!

If you are looking for a reliable, tough and easy-to-use dartscorer then a Conquest is the obvious choice. They offer great value for money considering the years of use you're guaranteed with the worlds most trusted dartscorers; to buy a cheaper-made, plastic machine is simply a false economy.

If you have any queries or would like to order a machine, please contact us on:

or call 01604 808728.

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